Bicycle Traffic Skills for Professionals
Tailored specifically for public officials, planners, engineers and fleet operators.
Offered by request: Email the Bike Director for more info

This is a special edition of Traffic Skills 101, tailored specifically for professionals, public works officials, urban planners and traffic engineers.  Bicycle Traffic Skills is a comprehensive bicycling education seminar, recommended for everyone involved in decision making processes affecting the transportation networks of the Lehigh Valley.

This full-day class will provide each student with personal experience and perspective as a cyclist in traffic flow.  This course will build intuition on cyclists' issues such as: door zones, lane positioning, communication with motorists, complex intersections, parking, signage, bike lanes, and multi-use paths/trails.  Since all these issues affect cyclist safety and "bikeability" of our cities, this course is a "must" for transportation professionals.  The course will also cover more fundamental aspects of cycling, i.e. bicycle maintenance and basic handling skills - which are also an important component of vehicular cycling.

The course will include classroom and shop instruction, as well as on-bike instruction on a closed course and on city streets.  The combination of these environments will build your confidence and intuition on the bike.

This is an official League of American Bicyclists (LAB) curriculum
Passing this course will earn you a certificate, and more credibility for LAB Bicycle Friendly Community projects.
More information can be found at the LAB website

To participate in the seminar, please bring a helmet and working bicycle.  If you do not have a working bicycle and would like to reserve one of our loaner bicycles, please specify when you register.

Tuition Fee:
*If your group/organization has a current membership at Car Free CAT, the fee for this course is $150 per person.
*If your group does not have a current Car Free CAT membership, a yearly organizational membership is $50.
*If you are taking this course for advisory work where you volunteer your time, the fee for the course is $75 per person, plus Car Free CAT membership.  If this is the case, please call the CAT office for more details.

Read the Traffic Skills for Professionals Agenda

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