People ride bicycles for health, enjoyment, environment and for transportation. People walk in their communities for these reasons as well. The Coalition for Appropriate Transportation (CAT) has been a Lehigh Valley education and advocacy resource for over 20 years. CAT promotes bicycling, walking and transit because some people need to, some people choose to, and everyone wants to... Learn about CAT's educational programs ranging from children learning to ride, to adults learning bicycle mechanics and how to bike to work. CAT aims to support the Lehigh Valley with smart, useful and enjoyable facilities, such as bicycle parking, traffic calming and an effective and connective trail network. Contact us and let us know how CAT can support your community!

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Learn about Bike Smart Easton: CAT's Partnership with PennDOT and the City of Easton to bring bicycle education to 6000+ children for 2015-2016

CAR-FREE CAT encourages CAR-FREE activities: Biking, Walking, Riding the LANta Bus, Ride Sharing and Local Trail Use.

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